Lufthansa Old (A320)

Love it :heart_eyes:. Will we also get the old liveries of other airlines (e.g. Aer Lingus, Brussels,etc…)?


Cool, will we get the A320neo in this livery aswell?


Nobody has noticed but they have not added the a319 Neo, only the A320 Neo but not the A319neo

Nobody has noticed because it doesn’t exist. Lufthansa doesn’t have the A319neo, and they don’t have them on order.


I’m not talking about Lufthansa but about the models in general because if I create a thread you’re going to delete them.

I’m not exactly sure what your problem is? This is the Lufthansa livery thread for 2.3.2, and has no relevance to the A319neo, which was remodelled in 2.3.0. I didn’t even delete your bug thread, I locked it and explained why I locked it to you.



There are no designs of the a319 Neo, only the a320 Neo

There is a full set of player liveries. China Southern and Tibet Airlines are available at NGO using the A319neo.


Why don’t you tell the airlines to order it then :joy:

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No other liveries are required. Apart from Tibet and China Southern, there is no conventional airline that uses it. That should have settled the issue and once again there was stress for no reason. “Think first - then write”

List of 19N IRL

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Also onley china sothern have it on order I believe and i guess that could go to nagoua but yea no use

China southern is in game after the update, as well as Tibet airlines which apparently had it on order as well

Silly @Flyboys ,not again.

report to

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It’s in the contract selection in game, not sure why it wouldn’t be in the WOApedia

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Thank you for your help,support and advice.
The bug has recently been fixed,although idk who gave me the old livery…

Perhaps due to a previous version. Sometimes liveries are simply overwritten and if you had the previous one, you automatically have the new ones. Similar to Frontier

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