M Cargo Spot at BRI - suggestion

Hello everyone! As we know, there are M cargo connections for Bari, but no M stands for cargo. Therefore I suggestion turning the 2 S-stand at the Cargo end of the airport (stand 402 and 405) into M-Cargo stands

Photoshop example on how it would look like

I think the devs already considering this idea but I’d like to see it being implemented soon, as I like the 737 cargos alot (would also like to own some one day)

Please consider this idea. Thank you!


An another concept, which is 90 degree stands, although I would prefer the upper one


This is also possibility toon make m cargo-stands and also possible top set a building

Also extra L-stand in bri would be nice


Works quite well I’d say. Would also be nice if this got implemented

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Those sections at the far ends of apron are both to narrow to have M-operations there on both ends (upper and lower row). It was original idea but dropped by devs for a reason mentioned by me.

Small general aviation stands at the last snip will still have some use in future for GA planes movement.


Ok got it. Thank you @shill! I do still wish M-Cargo will be implemented at BRI somehow in the future though. Looking forward to anything