Maintenance & new destinations

@shill is there some general timeline when maintenance and thus new destinations will be implemented? The exact date isn’t important but it would be cool to know if this a matter of weeks or months. If the maintenance feature takes more time it would be really cool to get some new destinations (even if it’s just some short distances) while waiting. I understand that big airlines get bigger the more destinations you have and that maintenance will balance it, but there might be some players at the point where they can’t do anything except waiting for cooldown of their own fleet :wink:


Next patch (anything above 2 weeks for sure as this is huge). Maintenance will not happen often it will be connected with each individual plane “flying hours”.

Destinations will come only after maintenance is in place (confirmed) as something to ballance huge income is necessary first.


will we have to buy the maintenance hangar ??

how is it going to be??

@shill, what do you mean with “huge income”? Is it in your mind (dev team) to reduce (even more than with maintenance checks) the income in W/G that players are able to earn?

Many ppl at Play store are complaining about the following: the time you need to invest is too high and the income rate too low already… so if what you want is to reduce that income even more, I think that may be wrong. Anyway, you wont stop medium/full hardcore players (which I am) with +20 M/L/XL aircrafts of earning our bunch of daily W, because once you invest real money and buy some bigger jetliners, things are quite easy and the game is more enjoyable, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot play if you dont buy G. So if you reduce the income, all the casual players may stop playing because they will notice that the game is focused only on make you spend money.

At this point, the game is a 60% an airline tycoon game. What about an airline colors, name and emblem editor? Selling stands? Airport fees? Slots rental to ingame airlines? Aircrafts leasing to other players?.. there’s a lot of possibilities

For the record, I’ve been playing this game since it was released, and I have bought already the biggest G pack a few times, because I think that you are doing very well with this game, and I feel like supporting it.


What do I mean - well i can play solid 3 sessions with current fleet to earn for B747 - thats a little bit going through the roof in IAD (thats what I mean).

Maintanance is huge and its also very fair - each and every airplane will still earn money easily in lifespan - just a little bit of realism to be in place (not to mention possibility for earnings! - generic traffic planes will need maintenance and if player owns hangar it is a service that will bring income for A/B class maintenance) - ballance again.

Many people in Playstore do not realise that time involved in developement is not free, while game is free, and more free it is more they complain (thats the reality). There are supporters but vast majority plays without any in app purchase and those (sadly) complain loudest :smiley:

Cusual players have constantly features to make earnings easier: introduction of cargo planes, income for minigames, player to player connections. Starting the game now is walk in the park compared to release, and it will be easier as new features will land in place - M/L cargo income has to be ballanced with features that also introduce some cost.

You see yourself everyone have at least 5 request for new features but it all translate to time and time spend for free game developement could be spend on commercial projects which they have plenty, trust me.

There are close to 150 items on “to be implemented” list, the truth is when something “break” like login to servers for android recently - all is shelved bug fixes take priority sometimes for 2-3 days straight.

For the record - Devs do appriciate support because without in app purchases developement of the game would stop (that is 100% sure), and it may stop if costs will not be covered. They are also very fair - if something is reduced <> another features that actually boost income are in place.

Just my opinion, noone have to agree.


@shill ok ok now I understand, thanks for the answer. The thing here is that I thought that you only had on your mind reducing income without compensating it any other way, so sorry for misunderstanding. Didnt know the other plans :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I think that all the dev team should be very proud of keeping this game free, with no ads. No, seriously, it’s gotta be one of the fewest “ads-free” games of the stores (besides AirportPRG). And that, as you said, it’s a very special peculiarity that remains unnoticiable when someone asks for a feature or complains about income, and that is so unfair. :roll_eyes:

keep the hard work guys, you are doing so nice!! :muscle:


I think it’s hard walk on the economy side for devs. On the one hand you want people to enjoy the game for free on the other hand it shouldn’t become too easy to get a big fleet.

Maybe the economic system shall support smaller airports like INN & BRI while you have more challenges and expenses at IAD. Once you unlock IAD it’s a money printing machine and you will soon reach a point where you can’t spend all the money you earn. E.g. I’ve sold aircraft worth 10 million W with my old livery just to repaint them in the new livery. After that I’ve sold same amount of aircraft just to restart at BRI and buy some aircraft there (which was way too much because of limited destinations there :sweat_smile:).

I’d also support some extra features that can be unlocked only by paying real money to devs. Those features could be extra destination slots, more liveries etc. That’s something hardcore players would appreciate while new and average players don’t have the feeling of getting “robbed”. For me there are no extra benefits in spending real money now since I can create plenty of Ws and golden aircraft each day. But I would love to pay e.g. 10€ for 10 more destinations so that my fleet can grow and on the other hand I can support devs. Extra destinations could also be sold for golden aircraft with a system that the more destinations you want to buy the more expensive they become (e.g. 9th extra slot for 3 golden aircraft, 10th for 10, 11th for 20…).


Only pay-to-have features - well you have example of Concorde - people raging on facebook that those who paid for it only can have it. :slight_smile:

They will start insult and burn houses if you can pay to have more slots :slight_smile: i guess.

I suggested to devs to have extra feature to “donate” game without having gold planes in return… as silly as it may sound - well some are not interested in having game “easier” with in app purchase yet they still like to support.

And another option could be patronite where patrons could have a little bit different right i.e.: having sub forum to discuss and have greater influence on game developement then “regular” players.

We’ve been accused already in some harsh posts on FB that “devs do not listen to community”… quite sad story as in my eyes 80% of new features are based on players feedback. Well - life.


Point with Concorde is I think mainly that people who have paid for it long time ago can have it.
It is unavailable to other players, whether they like to play euros for it or not. And it is visible in the plane list so yeah of course you will get questions why it is unavailable.

I think devs do listen to players and I like it a lot.

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When indiegogo campaign was advertised - it was part of perks with status “exclusive for backers”. Just my own opinion - backers may get quite upset if suddently its not “exclusive”.

In my opinion it could be one feature that is “pay to get” to be fair to those who supported the game before it even existed.


People will always rant on FB. I prefer them ranting than having the game shut down because of money issues 🤷

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You do not have to deal with Hatebook :slight_smile: I do :slight_smile:

I get it, it is good to have something extra for backers, but maybe donť show it in shop for other players, when there is no option to unlock it. Show it just in hangar, maybe? Maybe in game show only unlocked planes, and unlocking them in hangar?

And i will be glad if green plane change to Concord from B738. Unless there is almost no chance to have achievment for servicing it.


I like idea with green concorde. Actually that subject was already discussed some time ago based on feedback (to have diversity in “special guests”).


After reading that I bought 50 golden planes to support you guys. You deserve it and I can’t wait for new types.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Thanks for support. Today I have heard some good news about what is in developement :slight_smile: We will go back to roots, rooooots :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe there can be an option to get around 500 in-game cash for watching an ad, with a one minute cooldown or something. It would bring in some extra income and it’s not shoving ads in people’s faces.

Nope as Kuba said “there will never be advs in our games”


25 golden planes purchased here… ready for the next evolution of my fleet. Thanks for making and supporting such a great game…

My only concern and its minor, is it would be fantastic to have a pause button, while i know that’s not technically real life, it’s hard to have to come all the way out and potentially lose stuff if you need to do something else really fast. But keep up the good work, this is one of the best games of the type i have come across.

do we have to be afraid? :roll_eyes: :grinning: