Maintenance wording needs 2nd line

If you can add a 2nd line for the “under maintenance until xx:xx” in your airplane-menu it would look better

P.S. Do I get a goldie for every bug I find? :wink:


I also found a translation mistake in german. I told this to the devs before the last update, but it’s still there.

In the sentence below it is correct.


What does it say? For those who read english

From the icon I’d imagine new arrival key available (the one for unlocking departure slots or new airline arrivals).


Hey Rudi - when I try to get gold planes, it says that you have the allotment.

I think they should name you an airport.

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I can’t figure out how the devs have sorted the arrivals… it certainly is not based on “arrival time” since I send out planes on short flights and they come back way later than flights sent at the same time over longer distances.

I’d love to see a “Sort By…” at the top (of course, forward and reverse)
Sort by arrival time
Sort by hours flown
Sort by tail number
Sort by acquisition date
Sort by name (an idea to name my planes)

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if you restart the game the L/XL-planes get priority if their assigned landing is in the past (that’s my problem once I start the game after a few hours of not playing), otherwise they’re landing as scheduled

Exactly :+1: