Making money on IAD

I just came from prague where i was making w hand over fist, ans now im on IAD

even tho i have more gates open (L, m, and x) im making less money and i dont know why

Can anyone help me out?

It just takes time, build the large and xlarge terminal and get arrivals to fill, have the stands able to handle both x and L to have more money rolling in when out of x or k arrivals

Buy as many X/L -tier stands as you can so you can get money and upgrade your airport.

Don’t bother with M stands (you can initially build 3 in order to start money rolling, but that’s it). Go for L/X stands and open new routes. The money from 20 L/X stands is incredible.

If I were to set priorities, I’d say first thing is to upgrade the service equipment (5 stages) so the service is faster.
I try to have as many services as gates, but that’s not absolutely necessary. If you keep an eye to the services availability (click on the truck icon on top while most of the planes are parked) you will see which ones of them are more scarce. If one of them is 0, you should absolutely buy more.

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I didn’t even bother with L stands, I just made all 20 of them X only. Just make sure to buy enough arrivals to keep them full as you open them. Once you get momentum, you’ll have more cash than you can spend. Once you opened all 20 you just hit cruise control until you unlock NGO.

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That’s a bad idea, cause you have all these empty stands when you have N x arrivals, where if you get the L stands ASWELL then they are full

Making money on IAD. What a question. It is easy as f***! Easiest airport in the game :slight_smile: Just do not unlock many S and M stands and focus on big birds :wink:

I made the mistake by buying too many S/M-tier stands. But now I solved the problem.

Sounds to me like you didn’t “buy enough arrivals to keep them full as you open them”? My X-only stands were always full.

Alright, mine weren’t after about 6 or 7 planes

Cruise control exists in this game?

It’s a phrase saying do the same thing…