Making the fleet realistic

This is a thank you post for the World Of Airports Team. I had always found the fleet assigning very impractical and yall seemed to have sorted it out.
I remember people used to keep talking here about buying a cargo fleet and then sending it to closer destinations which earned massive money. (I remember sending C17s to Doha From MCT which would earn me like 7k wollars). Now this might have upset people who had used this flaw to build a cargo fleet to generate loads of cash but now its more realistic. Another thing is the issue of range. Now the range is modelled more realistically. Earlier C17 was the best cargo aircraft you could send around…and now its not the best cause it simply has limited range as compare to the A332 and hence closer destinations. The buying of slots at airports to assign aircraft to them is also tuned well.
Moreover, I remember sending A380s to random airports and earning huge money but now earnings at the more important airports is considerably different from the smaller airports [like sending an A380 to Heathrow earns a lot more than sending to Gatwick or Stansted: All of them serve London but Heathrow is the most important sort of].
Thank You again the WoA team! Yall are doing a great job!!!
[PS: I still want you to resolve the shitty runway system at MCT lol]