Making The Gameplay Humorous & Gripping (Part 2)

Warning: Mature audience content!

If you are one of those that equate suggesting ideas with belittling, degrading & disrespecting this game or the Devs, please LEAVE, as in right now! This is definitely not the place for you!

Title of Proposal

Utilizing The Industry’s Own System, Processes & Tools

Premise & Objectives

As stated in detail in Part 1.


:black_small_square:An office room for the CEO

:black_small_square:A Conference Room for the meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD)

:black_small_square:I. With Players in The Managerial Capacity

:black_small_square:At every airport, all players start as Assistant Director Ops. With benchmarked progress (possibly linked with the existing “achievements” section), they get promoted as Director Ops, Assistant GM & ultimately as the GM/CEO of the Airport. Each promotion is “notified”, “celebrated” & comes with a reward in the form of GPs;

:black_small_square:(Players as subordinates) Every fresh game session starts with an AI-generated pic of the immediate boss, or even the GM, appearing over the player’s desk, briefing them (in quote bubbles) as to how the airport performed in the last session, which areas of ops need greater attention in the new session, and what quantified targets (if any) need to be attained in the new session. Target reward: SPs, & a mention in the Airport’s “Daily Circular”;

:black_small_square:(Players as GMs/CEOs) Every new game session starts with players attending a meeting of an AI-generated BoD where they get praised/admonished, advised & assigned targets in light of their previous performance. Compliance reward: GPs, and a mention in the airport’s “Circular”;

II. With Players in the Role of ATCOs

:black_small_square:This could involve players in the already functional role, or AI-generated ATCOs (with pics) under their command. Either way, depending on their performance (possibly harmonized with the Achievements section), ATCOs start out as Rookie Controllers and with passage of time & accomplishments, progress their way up as Radar Controllers, Arrival Controllers, ATC Supervisors & finally, Academy Instructors at ATCs (AIATCs);

:black_small_square:Insignia of ranks of the kind worn by flight crew can be created to add more fun to the proceedings;

:black_small_square:As with other cadres, promotions get rewarded with SPs (till the ultimate one, for which GPs may be given), & “notified” & “celebrated” as already detailed above;

III. The Performance Report

:black_small_square:Not just being the previous session’s balance sheet but a quick-to-understand complete statistical overview of the session, captivatingly presented with the help of line graphs, bar charts, flow maps, etc;

:black_small_square:The hand of an AI-generated Secretary puts the Report on the executive’s desk;

:black_small_square:Report covers not only airport-related issues but also those pertaining to the player’s own airline, the (upcoming) contracted airlines as well as the default airlines;

:black_small_square:If it carries any recommendations, the attainment reward thereof would be SPs;

IV. The Mailbox

:black_small_square:In the form of a quivering icon;

:black_small_square:May carry any kind of AI-generated content - from a newspaper clipping about the airport management’s overall performance, to a specific piece about the performance by the ATCOs, to an LoA or LoW from the country’s aviation regulatory body, to an appeal from the local chambers of commerce & industry/trade association/hobby group requesting that certain airlines open a route to such-and-such destination or increase the number of daily/weekly flights thereto, or get bigger & better planes for X/Y/Z routes, to letters from WOATA and WOCAO (WOA subs for IATA & ICAO), etc, etc. Accomplishment rewards (issue-specific): SPs, & citations;



So, devs, if you agree that these constructs can make the gameplay even more riveting, then please do incorporate them in due course of time. Thanks.