Marshaling Mini Game suggestions

Can we remove the circular counters for the mini game results. It takes too long for the counter to fully load and the screen times out anyways. It would be better to simply display the results quickly in a flash and allow exit from the game saving time.

Also awaiting the ‘Skip’ button.

I agree. I always seem to get 1 aircraft that times out and leaves without paying after the mini game.
I also found in Washington the mini game returns me to the main game before the counters have fully loaded.


When the timers appear, you can click on your screen to leave the mini-game. So you don’t have to wait for the counters.
And in some next release there will come a button to skip the mini-game alltogether.


Thats already on the list (skiping minigame).

And yes it can be bypassed (scores) as mentioned above.

btw are there any plans for an achievement that can be reached by marshalling? or can you maybe add a new category in the statistics section for successfully marshalled aircraft?

Yep… doesn’t make such sense to play this after the initial novelty wears off… since there is no achievement… there is little point to it

Even with an achievement it wouldnt be any better imo. As you said, once the novelty wears off you no longer play it

Well i am still playing it sometimes maybe I am big weirdo. :wink:

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I gre tired of it on larger airports because its pretty difficilt to line up L and X planes properly. But, being a flight sim guy, i cant wait for the next minigame :joy: