Massive improvements made

Just wanna say how pleased I am with the game!
Just wish we had a way to convert silver planes to wollars, or had more starting money to build more stuff, say 20k wollars.
Keep it up!
PS. Free unlock for the A124, A225 and A22A with a Hostomel Airport update in memory of the An225? :smile:


HIGHLY doubt this will happen, I highly doubt even Hostomel will come

You kind of have 20K at the start since you start with 10K and get an additional 10K after getting to level 1.
I doubt that we’ll be able to unlock the A225 though since it’s a one of a kind aircraft. The A124 MIGHT be unlockable if there’s enough people requesting it as it happened with the CONC(Concorde).

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There has actually been talk of the devs planning a buyable 225,though that was around 10 months ago I beleive, when it was the only antonov in game

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