May San Diego also be remodeled, it needs it

I would like the developers not to forget San Diego for a remodel since the one we have in the game has some incorrect structures, it is not a complaint but I would like See it as it is, just like they did with Bari.


I agree…

Hopefully one day


SAN is not up for remodel any time soon except possibly very minor tweaks like jetbridges

Honestly it doesn’t need a complete remodel
Updating the jetbridges and the stands would suffice.

Maybe adding the cargo ones on the other side of the runways and changing the current ones, like the S stands to M
Just to hold off until an actual remodel is needed for when the terminal expansion is complete


I agree with you that the loading area is moved and that the S stands are changed to M, and the first S that are in the terminal do not exist in real life. I hope they can do it at some point.


It doesn’t need a full remodel but it does need full scenery, updated jet bridges and ground markings, reworked cargo terminal and some minor improvements