MCT-BRI Connection Requests


I can do it!
I’m in UTC+1 too
I can play between 14:10 until 21:00
Just note I can’t play in the morning and after 21:00

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Accepted :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m going to send planes to you tomorrow!

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More like deleting requests made by @JK737 and @OldDog01 .

Just following the guidelines:

Instead of the wrench I used the wastebin.

I sent you a request.
Time zone: UTC+3 DST (+2 normal)
Best time to get your airplanes: 18:00-22:00 my time.

What is the best time for you to get my planes?

Hello everyone, I am looking for a connection for my MCT.

I have several M planes for now.

Username: vardacostaa
Time: UTC+1

Looking for a connection for my MCT. UTC +1 play most days but work day and night shifts.

I send you a request. UTC+2 Germany

Sent you a request GMT -7. I have lots of planes to send you :blush:

Let me know if you need a connection there! My earlier connection hasn’t been reliable. I did send you a request from INN and have a lot of planes I can send you!

I accepted your request for INN… However, I also need BRI.

Looking for connection from my

Send you a request
Nick patatoshock
UTC +1
Play around 21.00hrs

Open slot for YOUR MCT to MY BRI.

I service and send 8 am to 22 pm or so, Im in GMT+1.
Ingame nick: spullgirl

My bri-fleet can use some flight hours, and also levels motivation. :slight_smile:


Is your slot from your MCT to my BRI open?

sorry all my slots are filled.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. New here but I’m playing most of the late morning and afternoons UTC +2 feel free to request the connection - liquidaura51