MCT-BRI Connection Requests


thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. New here but I’m playing most of the late morning and afternoons UTC +2 feel free to request the connection - liquidaura51

I sent you a connection request.

Got it, will send starting tomorrow

Hello. Thanks for sending planes.

I ask you something. Do you think you can send them two hours later compared to the time you sent them today?

So that they arrive at 7:00 am in my country.

Wich country do you live?

My time is - 5 GMT

What time can I send planes to your airport?

Oh you’re in the US? Sorry shouldve asked.

Your local time right now says to be 9:23 pm correct? I can certainly aim for later if wanted. Is only 7 am arrivals OK?

I am in GMT+2, any time during day is ok! And sometimes late too…

Hello. I am looking foe connection from my MCT to your BRI airports (also have all other connection from my MCT free)

ID: Fedo285
Time zone: GMT +1
Playing mostly in the evening from 10pm to 2am (my time).
Fleet: 4x S; 35x M; 8x L; 1x X

Feel free to add me. All routes from my MCT free

fits well, just added you.

ID: febu2010
Time Zone: GMT+8

I’ll send mine out late evening around 10-12 pm so they should arrive around 9-10 pm your time
Yours will arrive during day time at my side, which is fine thanks to wfh :smiley:

Looking for a connection from my MCT to your BRI.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Stefan_XS
Favorite time for handling planes is from 17:00 to 22:00.

Looking for connection feel free to add marechkon33

Looking for connections from BRI to my MCT


Normally play GMT 17.00 - 23.00

Got a request from you T4Fty and accepted it. My Time zone is GMT+2 and playtime is GMT 09-00. Will try to send to you in the morning so it arrives within you playtime

No problem. I have only just started the airport so only send s/m for now! I will let you know as soon as I have any l/x stands, hopefully it will be in the next couple of days

Hi my user id paul7733
Need Bri to Mct connector
Gmt+5:30 Timings i am available 9am to 9pm to connect

I’m looking for connections from my MCT to your BRI.
Timezone : UTC +1
Username : Kittyhawk5
Favorite time fpr playing: various times during the day (daily player)

Looking from connection from my MCT to your BRI.
Its okay even if you cant send planes…just handle mine.
I can send 5 B787s , 5 E190s, 1CRJ7 everyday.
ID: TheLegendRacer001
Time zone : +5.30 UTC
Just let me know beforehand maybe via a DM. I will clear my current inactive connection for you!!

I have 3 E190’s left from before the update. They only have (player connection) legs for BRI. Who wants to receive them?

ID: DroningSalsa2358
Timezone: GMT + 2

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Sure I would like 1 of your e190

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Contract request sent.

E190 in my AWA “Ambassador” livery being serviced right now:

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