MCT-NGO Connection Requests


Use this thread for MCT-NGO Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

Hello, UniqueGolem3982, timezone utc+2. Can send planes between 07:00 and 09:00, should arrive in your preferred time.

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Have sent you a connection-request now. Bye

Thank you, btw: cool nickname :slight_smile: are cargo planes welcomed too?

Haha, thanks! I only have 1 cargo X stand, so I don’t tend to handle them just yet. Hoping to get more cargo stands soon, current priority is fleet building. Just waiting for the A300 to be released and the connection should take off on my end, I’m currently working with a lone A330 at the moment.

Also, are we continuing after the 100 streak is complete? Always interesting to see if any connections will ever make it to the 1000+ mark!

Hello, I am looking for connections to my MCT from NGO

Username: vardacostaa
Time: UTC+1 (Europe)

Have a nice flight!

Looking for a connection from your NGO to my MCT.

Username: Cafrish
Time zone: UTC+3

I only have few planes at MCT, but can handle any amount and type of civil planes.

Please send your planes to arrive between 18:00 and 22:00 my time (UTC+3).

Looking for connections for my MCT. UTC +1. Play most days.

Looking for a connection from my MCT.

Username: CrappyChips
Timezone: UTC+8

I can send 10 A332s your way everyday(I send them out at 13:30 my time), so I prefer someone who can play everyday. You don’t need to send planes my way, you just need to handle my planes.

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I can take that, im active every day.

UTC: +9:30

Are you sure? I used carlsberg’s time conversion spreadsheet and saw that my planes will arrive very late at your time? Are you sure you can handle it?

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Yeah. I’m sure.

I see, I just want to make sure. I’ve accepted the connection. I will be sending you my A332s in 4hrs.

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Im usually up till midnight anyways.

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Looking for a connection


Normally play GMT 17.00 - 23.00

connection still available

Looking for a connection from my MCT to NGO.

UN: Mitrysek
UTC : +1
Accept all planes.