MCT-PRG Connection Requests


Use this thread for MCT-PRG Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

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Me Me Me please.

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Not connecting?

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Already got another connection by the time you posted.

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Looking for a connection.

My MCT to your PRG

Ingame nick: Schlaumeier22
Time zone: UTC +2 (+1) in Germany

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Hello everyone, looking for connection to my MCT.

Username: vardacostaa
Time: UTC+1

I have several M planes for now and I am generally active in the game.

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I can take it
Ign: horsepowergeek
Timezone: mdt
Idk what it is in utc
I send one dash 8 to mct daily
I will service you planes when I can
So if I don’t service them, it means I couldn’t

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looking for connection from my MCT to your PRG

ID: ArnyCZ86
Timezone: UTC +2 Prague

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I can take it, I’ll tell you details when you agree/ if you agree

I will be happy for the connection.

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Looking for connection. Utc +1. Play most days, however work shifts, day and nights.

Sent you a request. UTC+2

Added. Cheers.

Hello. I am looking foe connection from my MCT to your PRG airports (also have all other connection from my MCT free)

ID: Fedo285
Time zone: GMT +1
Playing mostly in the evening from 10pm to 2am (my time).
Fleet: 4x S; 35x M; 8x L; 1x X

Feel free to add me. All routes from my MCT free

Looking for a connection from my MCT to your PRG.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Stefan_XS
Favorite time for handling planes is from 17:00 to 22:00.

@Stefan_XS Hey man.
How is everything?
I already made this connection, but I can help you without problems.
If you want, just make the request.

Usarname: ShadowSTH
UTC -4

I receive a flight anytime until 10pm, Brazilian time, no problems and I can adjust my schedule to send the flights to you.