MCT Traffic Jam

I now know to use the new terminal to avoid this, but what dictates an aircraft to cross the runway.

It takes forever to cross and a massive traffic jam occurs as pictured

I avoid this by making sometimes almost (!) full use of the arrival timer for new arrivals. Almost because they would land anywhere. This gives the planes time to cross the runway.

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I found that if you let the game run its normal course, that the planes eventually make their way (the timer seems slower than the arrival rate). At least for S/M/L… is this not the case?

That being said, I DO believe that the traffic jam you are experiencing definitely needs to be fixed.

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An ACT can’t tell to every plane “You are clear to land” without planning the airport logistic. This game is not a “tapper game”. I noticed, the planes are crossing the runway when there are no more arrivals. Think and plan :slight_smile:

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But if there are a lot of planes incoming, then how will the other planes cross?

One by one. You have to “sequence” the incoming flights with the departures. Doing that for some time now. It’s quite challenging.


Don’t use the landing accelerator, then it doesn’t become as big of a problem.
It still takes time, but if you are careful with the flow it works just fine.
I have my entire fleet over at T1 and I just release it gradually. Yea there are sometimes initial back ups, but it clears quickly if you follow the normal flow of arrivals.


Only use it for fleet planes but at PRG, not at MCT yet.