MCT - Trafic jam at taxiway intersection


At MCT, planes at intersection of taxiways create traffic jams for other aircrafts? Am I the one experiencing this bug? Is there a turnaround?


devs are aware of many of the situations and are actively trying to fix them, but there are quite a few and they might take a while (small team), however having a screenshot of where you are seeing the problem would be very useful

So, here is additional details.
An airplane (like the one highlighted in blue in the screenshot) ready for take-off at Terminal 1 must take the taxiway crossing the runway 08R-26L then taxi further to the take-off runway 08L-26R on the other side of Terminal 2.
However, at the entry point of the taxiway before intersecting the runway 08R-26L, the aircraft (like the one highlighted in blue in the screenshot) is endlessly blocked (or waits eternally) creating a traffic jam behind it. This also happens at other taxiways crossing the landing runway.
Maybe it is a bug between the algorithm managing the landings and the one dealing with the taxiing.
Anyway, thanks for your support.
I like this game.


maybe we can use the stop-button that generates no more new landings in the queue so that it will really stop landings. Once the button is pushed no more planes come in and the runway would be blocked so that waiting planes could use the intersection.

This option would also help on single runways to reduce the waiting planes at take off.

With time, I see that the bug also appears at the intersections of other taxiways unrelated to any runways.