Military aircrafts

Has anyone ever got a contract of a military aircraft? Is it common to get one.
I only got one when playing in Innsbruck

There’s a few contracts scattered around, and occasional events. Not very common tho

Most of the military aircraft are L cargo which cannot go to 3 of the airports in the game


I forget, is the C-130 M in the game? I know it’s only available in the U.S.

No, only the J

lol. I meant, is the C-130J a Medium sized plane? :joy:

Oh, yeah it is :rofl:

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Yes that’s available in all airports I think.

Set filter to M and L cargo to find some. I think if you find an airport you are not very familiar with, check that and there might be a surprise for you.

There’s a C30J as the lvl 50 reward at NGO, but it’s not very common at all to get as a free contract. You can buy them at the ‘map contract’, tho, filter by cargo, shouldn’t be that hard to find.