Military Tanker Aircraft

Do you want Military Tanker Transport Aircraft?
Really would like to see one


KC-10, KC-135 will be nice as some airlifters C-5 and C-17

The KC’s would be good. The C17 is already in the game albeit as a straight cargo rather than tanker and the C-5 is on the list for the future

How would you earn money from a KC-10, there’s no freight or passengers?

If it were a tanker, the cargo would be fuel, so it would be a double fuel revenue effectively. One for filling up the aircraft. The other for the fuel required for the other planes. A little poetic license, but that could be the theory.

In theory, passengers and some cargo could be loaded onto the flights, providing the said tanker was intended to be the A330MRTT. From what I’m aware they operate troop transport flights, refuelling services and can be leased out to airlines. Eg G-VYGL/G-VYGM previously being leased out to Thomas Cook and Jet2 respectively.

I’ve been on a KC-10, and they do have the capabilities to transport personnel and/or cargo.

Let’s not forget the KC130J

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Both Fuel, Cargo, and PAX should randomize if it’s Fuel as the Cargo or the Solders and Equipment

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Yea they had the VC-10 and Tristar as MultiRoleTransportTankers and Germany and Canada have the A310MRTT/CC-150 Polaris
German A310s don’t Refuel since August 2020

Ah yes, the VC-10 and Tristar. Recall seeing an RAF L-1011 at MAN about 10 years ago!

Yea the AirTanker Company like OMEGA Air Refueling Services Wich is getting the 2 RNLAF KDC10s, T-235,T-264