Minor bug, yellow indicator

Minor bug:

The yellow indicator on the right (telling there is some plane that needs attention) stays when clicking on “skip marshalling”/

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yeah, but only until the aircraft is ready for handling, i guess it’s a placeholder for the system

To show it visually, i will give you this picture:yellow marker

imo it’s not a bug, it’s just a reminder that a rejected marshalling game aircraft is parking

I think it is a bug because it stays there until you get the initial plane to handle. Obscuring other planes on that side you might have to handle.

It is a bug i also experienced it. Also @DuneCrawler to get rid of it just try tapping twice on the button that hides non parked planes. Bottom right if i remember corrcetly

I don’t think it’s a bug like it’s been said, I know once the plane that has been rejected from marshalling as gone to stand and asks to have handling the yellow band goes, or you may still have a plane ticket still behind which is still awaiting work to be done on it,

Well, it is misleading me and makes me thinking there is something to do…

Still not fixed

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Yup, can also confirm

This bug is still present in the newest update. Noticed with marshaling minigame, unsure about ILS

This is happened from the landing mini game as soon as I skipped… I think it happens whenever they are at the very end of the row (on the right) and you skip.

It happens to me too.

I also forgot to add that if you pull the row far enough, the yellow strip disappears. It then reappears when you release the row.


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After the update, its the opposite happening to me. Planes which needs handling and not on screen be like that times out because of the yellow indicator. I cannot just swipe around cause I play less time and need to boost player planes so I cannot see the all the planes. But its only happening on the right yellow indicator. The left works perfectly. Hope this gets fixed when I can’t play because of my exams. See you after 13th of March.

Or the yellow indicator in arrivals does not light up if there’s space available it only does when you select a plane to land, then it happens again at least on my end

I have the same bug. And yes, it is a bug. I have not experienced it going away after the minigame-plane has been handled. I even got the yellow band both left and right, while there was nothing to do. It’s really annoying.

Same bug experienced by me

On the other hand, still, I don’t have the yellow indicator on the right side when a plane requests handling when not on screen. I have to keep on scrolling.

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