Missing aircraft

Hello everyone!

Each update community gets a new portion of planes and liveries, but not all of that aircraft we can see in destination section or in hangar as well. I created small list of missing planes, hopefully we will be able to see them in future:

B747 Cargo - Cargolux
B747 Cargo - Atlas Air
B747 Cargo - Air Bridge Cargo
B787 - Royal Jordanian
B787 - British Airways

Maybe I put not all of them, or in opposite, they are exist on destinations. Please correct me, If I’m wrong.


United 787 is on IAD-SLC and CSA A320 PRG/INN/BRI-DUB (the INN & BRI routes I question).

Ed force one (Iron Maiden 747) also seems to be missing from the seasons rewards (if that’s intended from it)


Iron Maiden 747 wasn’t mentioned in change list for update, so probably it can be prepared for next season, or be a part of special event, IMAO
Thanks for corrections, not seen them previously

This was already mentioned a few months ago :grin:

It’s in game, check the hangar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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