Missing Airlines in IAD

Ever since NGO was added I have not seen Alaska, Air Canada, and Jet Blue in IAD. I have played a lot the last week to build up my fleet. Enough time to purchase 3 A380’s and 1 A350 and A340. Used to see them enough to where at least one or two of them were at the airport at one time.

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In addition to these, I would like to understand why 787 american airlines boeings do not arrive at IAD or NGO
The A350s (JAPAN AIRLINES) also do not arrive at the NGO

I think that i have been seeing AAs 787 In IAD recently

Mine never arrived, can you get a photo or someone if possible

I have never seen American B787 at IAD or NGO too and I think that reason is simple AA doesn’t operate any long haul flights out of IAD (only DFW, LAX and CLT) and doesn’t have a single flight to NGO.
But I don’t know why there isn’t a single A350 in NGO.:wink:


I understood, I thought the same, it could be that it has no operation in real life