Missing variants

Are there other variants that will be added to the game. I know that the a359, 788, and 78X are being added in 2.0.3 but there are still missing ones like the 737, 739, 753, a339n, crj2, and the 772. Is there a possibility that those will be added in the near future?
and btw I think when they are fixing the a320 would be a good time to add the a321 and a321n because they are in the same family and the a321 is pretty much a stretched a320


The 737 variants are unknown on coming, 753, a339, and the crj2 will most likely come but it’s not confirmed when, 772 confirmed to be coming at some point, but also not know when
The a320 is planned to have all it’s variants added in what most people assume is going to be 2.1 but no confirmation from the devs has been given (that I’ve seen).


There is a CRJ-200 achievement on the Game Centre achievements tab, so it must be in the pipeline

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I think that the georgian crj has the designation of crj2 but the model still looks the same

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What model is the CRJ in the game?

I’m lead to believe it’s currently the 900, but it could equally be a 700. It seems the devs have started to order the aircraft codes into what they’ll be when they get remodelled

If they are adding Delhi then we almost certainly get the A320 family because they are so common there. But you are correct there is no confirmation


There is actually and A320IAE and A319IAE on the acivements so possibly an the first IAE engine aircraft apart from the MD90

The BA A319 is considered an A319IAE and unlocks the achievement, however the A320 doesn’t seem to

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There are a ton of NGO CRJ700s so hoping we get those at the same time as the CRJ200s

Ah yes see it says CR9, hope they do the CRJ1000 as well.

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Took me a while to realise I have somehow unlocked the A320IAE achievement, so the BA and UA ones may count

Yeah some airlines give the IAE acheivment, I just got it for the 320 on an American Airlines

Because the IAE or other respective engine variants doesn’t show up anymore, I’m wondering if the AA A320s are split into IAE or CFM variants as they use both, guess we will have to wait for the remodel to figure that one out

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for some reason some of the vaiants look the exact same like the a359/a35k, 744f/748f, crj2/crj9, etc. Will those be fixed in the near future

A350 is on the list to be fixed as it’s still an old model, but there are tons of liveries and they have to be done from scratch

The CRJ is indeed currently the CR9 not the 7 but I haven’t seen that on a priority change list yet.
787 will get the 8 and the 10 as part of its overhaul too.