More aircraft variants

You know how the A330 and A340 are split up into thier specific variants (A332, A333, A343, A346). Is this gonna be the case for remaining aircraft like B777 B787 and A350 (for example B777-200, B777-300, A350-900, A350-1000, B787-8, B787-9, B787-10)

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Yes, and by the looks of it the aircraft identification codes have already been updated to reflect this as of version 2.0, like the CRJ now being the CRJ9 and A350 going to A35K, according to the photos and videos shared anyways

Remodeled B777-300ER (based on existing, so-called B777) and brand new B747-400 will arrive very soon in the next update.

For other variants, we have to wait until new information get released. B787 and A350 series will have reworked model I suggest.