More control and runway selection for take-offs and landings

First let me say that I love this game. My suggestion is a little more control on the airplanes movements themselves. I noticed that some of the airports have multiple runways that are never used. And in IAD, I have purchased all extra terminals but the queue to land is so long they are never full. If one could choose which runways they want to land a plane zone and which might runways to take off from, this would not only be fun but also help these queue lines.


It has been stated on here multiple times that airports with multiple runways (im guessing youre talking about PRG) can not use both runways if they intersect, like in PRG. The exception to that rule is IAD beacuse it has two parallel runways. At IAD it is already assigned, one runway for tkf, other for landing. I dont know where else your idea is applicable as both INN and BRI are single runway
Edit: havent yet played NGO, idk what the runway situation is on there

More important is to implement LUAW (line up and wait) to ensure more smooth planes transition.

Diverting traffic / stopping planes on taxiways is not possible (pathfinding and taxi logic is hard coded) - some tweaks are expected there so planes can move simultaneously more like in INN.


Do you mean that a plane will line up on the runway immediatelly after the one in front starts takeoff roll and then wait for the first plane to takeoff? Because that would be awesome

I don’t know if that is a “real life” situation. I would think that runways would have to be fully cleared before next action (take-off, landing or crossing) will take place.

Nope Line up and wait is a normal procedure (if there is no inbound plane on short to landing).


As shill said its normal procedure. The lined up plane just usually has to wait a bit after the previous takes off in orfer to have separation

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I agree with this idea. Couldn’t an improvement be to also hardcode arrivals from 19L at IAD and allow that runway to used in time of high traffic?