More S/M Planes for Nagoya Airport

Been playing NGO airport to its full potential and I’ve noticed that there are more S/M slots than airlines. For instance, there are only two liveries of 738 as far as I’ve noticed, and I bet there are more operators that fly 738 to Nagoya. The same goes for cargo aircraft, used to see 738 PrimeAir that flies from HKG to NGO, now it looks like the livery has been scrapped. Please add more S/M aircraft into existing/new destinations.


100% agreed

Just made a small investigation from real schedule of Centrair. List of possible expansion of entire WoA Japan S/M fleet can possibly look like:

ANA Wings - Japan domestic, using Q400
JetStar Japan - With A320 fleet
Skymark Airlines - Only B738
Solaseed Air - Also B738
Japan Airlines - Introduced with B738
Juneyao Airlines - A320 fleet
T-Way - With B738

Most of operators using already existing destinations, and in most cases several of them.

P.S. And, btw, part of them are already available for voting on game website.

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