I have a question about the game because I am new I went on the Instagram for world of airports and saw that they asked everyone to fly to italy and they showed a map of people going there and I would like to ask how do you do that because I thought that you take control of the airplane to make it takeoff in time so is there a feature to send planes to certain places if so please help me or answer my question thanks.

Hi, you can buy your own planes and send them to the desired location, for example Italy (FCO, BRI).

Can you explain in more detail because I still dont get it

Hi and welcome, :smiley:
There are 2 ways how to purchase your own aircraft, following steps may help you:

  1. Unlock the achievement:
  2. If you have enough money and golden planes you can buy your own plane:

    Have a lot of fun. :blush:

And then can you please show me how I send it to a destination

And also how do you get those golden airplanes without paying money

Sure I can :wink:

  1. This is how you send plane to destination that you want to:
  2. You don´t need to buy golden planes, after passing this achievement you will get 1 golden plane:

    Have a lot of fun. :smiley:
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