Muscat - Planes awaiting to cross runway

As long as there are arriving planes, these planes will sit and wait until the last plane in the queue has touched down. There needs to be time allotted between landings for planes to cross the runway for takeoff.

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Same…what a mess!

Just one advice.
Dont give stands to your planes in this area…in the Tower 1 area… They will stuck if have traffic and you will lose time.
Buy the big terminal in the middle there is plenty of stands and easy to takeoff runway.

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When I was using the tower 1 area, the planes were crossing the runway or landing in a 1:1 ratio. I never had the problem that you obviously have (to be precise, I only had S and M planes there, I don’t know if the problem occurs when L planes are used).

My advise is to be patient and try to move the operations to the central terminal. The flow is much better there. Invest the money and everything will be good.

Traffic Jam at MSC

The runway crossing for departing planes from T1 can be problematic. Departing planes will wait until all planes in the landing queue, that were Cleared to Land PRIOR to the Take Off permission for the departing plane, have touched down and cleared the runway. You have to watch out for using the Speed Up Arrival button, otherwise it can be a long wait.

Yall are freaking out because some planes won’t cross a runway, I just forget about them let them do their thing

The net result of “let them do their thing” is a potential congested terminal and an unplayable game.

As the game is also about ground control of airplanes it is your task to be a good ground controller to avoid that.

And we are here not freaking out, but have a collegial conversation.


First sentence=it’s Innsbruck right now, if you get what I mean
But I do see your point, THE ISSUE Is, we may be ground controllers, but only the ground Crew, controllers.