Muscat Problems

Hey all, I have a problem with Muscat Airport.
I have planes, some of my own fleet and some from other airlines that are in their stands/gates but are not visible. Mostly A388’s I can’t do anything with them. I can’t cancel the contracts, I can’t do any of the prep stuff etc. all the gates are blocked because these aircraft are showing up as being at the airport but are not visible in their respective stands. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Doesn’t solve it. Since the updates there’s no longer an option to reset the airport so can’t do that. Any advice would be good as I’ve done a lot of time on this airport in particular

Many thanks :blush:

Can you send a screenshot?

I could but not much point all you’ll see is a bunch of empty looking gates as the planes aren’t showing up. All could do is send a shot of the planes stating they’re at MCT airport

So they are assigned to stands, but not landing?

are they sitting in your landing queue on the right hand side. Because if you don’t have the Approach tower agent on, they will not land until you tell them to. So that’s why you probably can’t see them

No they’re already there in the stands waiting to start or finish handling but the planes themselves are not visible. I can see the planes in the contracts section that say the plane contracts are active and that the planes are at MCT but I can’t do anything with them in the contracts either. I thought cancelling the contracts of the aircraft might work but the ‘cancel’ button is greyed out so can’t do the that

No they’re not in the right hand tiles at all. The planes are there, in the stands already but are ‘invisible’
I can’t see them but know they’re there. The stands they occupy are unusable (which is a lot) the contract say they are at MCT and they no longer appear during the normal course of playing the game because they’re already at the airport. It’s only happened after the last major update before the Heathrow update, and only on the Muscat airport

So they are in stands but can’t be handled?

Yea they’re in the stands but are not visible and can’t be handled. It’s a bizarre situation and has only happened in MCT

I’m still a little confused by “not visible”, could you provide a screenshot of your entire screen, and perhaps the construction view and contract tab

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As you can see the airport is pretty barren. I have a whole raft of aircraft waiting to land but can only land a few a time because there’s no available stands as they’re taken up by the ‘invisible’ aircraft that are already occupying them. As you can see on the contracts they’re showing as being at MTC but are not showing on the game.

It’s exactly as I suspected. You haven’t cleared them for landing. If you look at your totals on the icons. It says you only have 9 or so at the gates and 100 in your queue to land that you need to do something with (button you have selected in the list.
Even if you select a gate for them to go to, still got to clear them to land. Either you click on aircraft card and do it manually, or get the approach tower agent to do it. What might also have happened is you used the delivery agent to select the gates (thus locking them to it and making the gate unavailable for any other aircraft) then going back jnto the game and expecting them to be there.
But there’s no bug here, unless you can’t see the 9 the game says are on stand

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I have it running now on full ATC to clear the back log but if they were waiting in a queue to land then wouldn’t it say ‘ready to land’ rather than ‘at MTC’?

At MCT is when you have assigned a stand to it

READY TO LAND is when its not assigned any stand but it has reached your airport.

Ah okay that’s where I was getting confused. Seems to be the trick. Thank you for all your help :blush: