Muscat Runway Issue

So i played MCT after the update. Automatically 3 airplanes were active contracts.
I handled the first E170.
But to my horror…it took off from the first runway.
Now MCT has 1 landing runway and 1 takeoff runway and this plane just used the landing runway to takeoff.
I assigned a stand to a B77W near the takeoff runway…But again to my horror it landed on the landing runway.
What i mean is…The airplanes are using one runway to land and both runways to take off…And there is absolutely no runway optimisation.
Is this a glitch or is this the way its gonna be???

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Its new traffic pattern so planes do not taxi for 20 minutes from old terminal to take off. I dont think there is any issue here.

Yea but then why wont the land on 26R when they are supposed to be on other side of the new terminal which is far from 26L on which they land.

I dont know, developers did it that way i guess thats feasible answer here.

You can always make a request on feedback page to make both runways take off and landing dependant on stand choice. Which I agree make sense.

Agreed that one runway should be dedicated to LDG in MCT or complete switch it to a LEJ style system. It’s already hard to fill up the airport as it is

Yea exactly…now wheres the feedback thing supposed to be done??