My ideas suggestions n supplication to developer game

Hi i’m Octavianus Martahan Gultom. I want suggest to WOA please provide all handling button to make easy airplane handling while come into parking lots, please provide AN225 to buy, make easy connection to our friends using Google play or others, please provide saving button to save our last game process. I have unlocked on Google play about all airplanes but not unlocked in real on WORLD OF AIRPORT. Please be my friend on WORLD OF AIRPORT game using Google play name, my Google play game name or my account name is OctavianusMartahan because I really need connection to fulfill achievements. Please to do updating nowadays if you don’t mind friends especially for gaming developers. Please be intense to make repudiating all items on World of Airport game immediately.My Facebook Octavianus Martahan Gultom photo album, my Twitter @martahangultom9,my Instagram octavianusmartahangultom_photo.

The game already saves automatically. If you join the discord, there are people there that would love to make a connection with you.

Okey thank you

AN225 is unlikely to be unlocked as a player aircraft due to its size and complexity in the game which is why it has been restricted to a special arrival and single route aircraft (also there’s only 1 in existence in real life)

As noted, game is saved upon exit.

Having a single button for all servicing defeats the point of the game which is to manage the servicing of aircraft individually, so that’s not going to happen.

As for connections:

Discord is one
Facebook is another and I’ve seen you on there. Noting that there are 2 main groups: World of Airports players and Cult of the second runway

Finally in this forum there is a connections section where you can find partners. Please read the pinned guidelines thread before you post however

Wasn’t it originally discussed to eventually be unlockable with a limit of 1 per player? It does make me wonder if the A3ST will ever be unlockable.

There was some discussion and maybe when the Beluga and Dreamlifter have completed, but I’ve not heard anything in a long time

Dreamlifter? Didn’t know that was on the cards.

well it’s on the future list, but i am pretty sure the devs want to complete the set of 3. AN225, Beluga and Dreamlifter, the question is, whether they will also do the new Beluga as well, not just the old one.

Yeah, I’m very surprised the Beluga XL hasn’t been added myself, I was expecting it come along with the A3ST. Now that you mention it being on the future list, I recall seeing it on the feedback portal! :joy:

Just leaves the Super Guppy and the C-5 for the oversized transport aircraft (or the NASA 747 if that can be considered).

I doubt the NASA 747 will show up, although you never know. However. I do know they are working on the AN124, which is still in the X category, just not as big as the AN225 of course.