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Hi I’m Octavianus Martahan Gultom. I want to ask how long to handle airplane in each? If I have 55 parking slot, how long I get 32 airplane gold? My suggestion is every handling button have to provide all handling button for all airplanes, an225 please provide to buy what is purpose an225 adding in hangar if can’t buy with beluga?, Please adding me as your friend my account name world of airport is; OctavianusMartahan. Please provide

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to say, but are you asking how long it would take to get 32 golden planes at an airport with 55 gates?

Yes you right

It would help to know how many of each size you have. Also, what airport do you have?

Golden planes have nothing to do with gates. It depends on how fast you can complete your connections & how many planes do you have to sell after Maintenance C.

I have completed some of my connections within two or three days. Therefore, i managed to unlock A380 alongside 787 within one month and a few days.

Well, kind of. Golden planes can be earned for amount of flights handled overall, usually starting at 400 flights following the 1-S, 2-M, 3-L, 4-X; This goes up by 400 each time you hit it and you get a golden airplane after each of these.

Well it’s a long process, once it cross 1200, 1800 then becomes very long…

Yes it does. A very long time.