My NGO link is landing on red in time

So the planes of my link Marechkon33 show red at landing and after services swallow my entire level points. Please fix this or I cannot play.

But you removed all planes…is this going to be like this every time?

Did you just reply to yourself?
Also, this is not normal, bach when I had mareas a connection all their planes landing normally
I would reccomend trying to empty your queue by ocking all generic rival

No, I replied to the thread I created in regards to my issue. I wanted the admins to see my comment. I do not want to block this user, as he is my link. And we work together on gaining points. Now that he started landing on red, the planes were only taking points off the level I was at. After that when i logged back in, the planes were gone, except one that fine and I provided the needed service. I hope issue as been fixed.