My question n ideas (new)

I think if we want to get gold airplane we have to maintain n fly our airplanes to longest distance route until get maintenance C level each airplane, then get achievements of how many aircrafts to handle ex; 2300 airplanes n others. That’s is my main focus to get it. Or you could purchase on shop button how many gold airplane you needed. My question is "how many day to collect untill to get 100 gold airplanes if I have 90 airplanes ( 15 SAAB, 20 E190, 35 BAE, 20 CRJ100)?

Depends on plane speed and router distance, we would need for info on what routes they take to help with that

My first Bae146 sold for golden plane in IAD was after about 2,5 - 3 months. Traveld alot on IAD-BWE for beggining, later mostly IAD - SAN, SFO. Same story was with ATR, but that one was traveling only to SAN all the time and to Atlanta for maintainces.