My thoughts after playing WOA 2.0 for 2 days

Overall the update was great, but there are several things that needs to be addressed.

  1. The leveling system is weird, the old system made more sense where by handling certain size of the airplane you get points corresponding to it. The new update made it harder to level up and very confusing due to the new contracts system.

  2. Transferring “contracts” from the old game to the new was also confusing, again the exp earned is all messed up. Also, what is the purpose of “upgrading a contract”? What does that even do?

  3. Before we would just play and focus on one airport, now we have to go back and forth between airports simply because we have to “wait” until the planes come back or spend silver planes on new contracts. I understand the devs are trying to make it more realistic but it’s kinda annoying.

  4. The game is much slower than before becuase of all the extra details that were implemented such as ramp crew putting in the chocks and safety cones, etc. The takeoff and landings indeed were much longer than before.

Suggestions for future updates:

  1. Revert back to the old leveling system and have the ability to reset the airport (was taken out in 2.0).
  2. Bring back the “speed up” button.
  3. Speed up the game in general.
  4. Create “missions” to earn silver and gold planes easier or somewhere along those lines.

Once again, thank you devs for making this game! Hope it’ll get better and better!


I have quite different opinions on most of topics touched here after playing 122 hours +
Yes i cannot say I know very well all new systems after that playtime, but its definiatelly not slower than 1.5

Well i guess you have to play at least 2 days more.


I would have one more thing to add.

The motivation in the game for me was to work out successes with other players and generally collect silver planes to eventually be able to buy the Concorde. 100 flights here, a hundred there, etc. Thus one collected laboriously and continuously, also by selling old airplanes these silver planes ! Now this is apparently so, that one can get new airplane models really only against real money (golden Planes). I see after one day playing the new version now already, that my motivation tends to zero then there are no real long-term goals more.
I’ve been happy to voluntarily support the publishers financially for an indescribably beautiful game and was happy to pay money in the old version, but I have something against games that have a “you have to pay to get further in the game” barrier!
If I missed something in the game to unlock for example the 747-400 by time investment without real money please let me know.

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To address a couple of points here:

  1. Upgrading a contract means you make a little more money on each flight and you contract for an additional flight. You start at 1, then the next one is 2, all the way up to a max of 10. Decent money as you get into the mid ranges, also the number of XP and silver planes increase each time you complete a contract. If you fail at a particular contract level and are not in the red. You will have the chance to extend the contract and essentially redo it. If you are in red. Contract will be cancelled by the system.

  2. Unlocking planes for 0 money, this can actually be done. You need around 20 to 30,000 silver planes to convert to Gold Planes for the unlock to occur. It’s a long haul to do it, but with some work across airports you can gain silver planes quite quickly once you get off the starting blocks.

  3. Ability to reset currently cannot be done with this format. Devs are aware but I am not sure it’s coming back

  4. I’ve actually found the game to be a little quicker. I will agree the speed up button was nice when you got yourself in a jam on timing. So I kind of miss that too, because if you start without enough agents. It’s very difficult to catch up again.

  5. The game maybe a little harder and I respect that opinion. Personally I’ve been testing it and got used to the new format pretty quickly. Call it new car issues. But settle in and it will feel like an old shoe in no time


Even simple Q400 connection in INN when it reach contract level 7 its already pretty hard to drop due to decent experience and silver planes income :slight_smile:

I have also things is dislike (to fast flying times - i dont like time got shortened 3 times…), fact that you dont have to send plane into air then only it is in flight not when it leaves stand - but well you never get all you wish for.


The Main issue in my opinion is that we have to buy contracts for our own Planes!!!
This is really unfair and was not mentioned before!
And you can not move your fleet, but maybe it comes later
So i have to spend a lot of money or time to have the status as before
So now ist it pay to win, and Not hard Work to come Forward
I find this Point really a mess

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moving fleet is still planned, it just got postponed trying to get the base game completed.

Some may argue it was always pay to win (if there is even any win in this game) - you could always buy 5000 gold planes and have better income / be higher in the rankings etc.

Nothing really changed in that department.


Thank you all for the comments! And after playing a little more I think I finally understand how the game works :grin: and as most of you have already explained it, the contracts system is actually quite unique. I believe the devs created 2.0 in an airline managers perspective and not like casual play in previous versions. So kudos to that!


I think f2p is good enough for this game, it’s all about patience really. There’s no need to spend real money just to fast track through the game. That’s my opinion.


I cant agreed in this Case, we already earned and some payed for our Planes…
But now we have to pay again, and thats unfair in my opinion, OK Weg have Planes, but without contracts they are useless


No you dont have to pay for planes / liveries (only for connections) you can just start slow with those free contracts then you will quickly learn its much easier to progress and actually earn money.

Dont deploy all your fleet at once because you will probably make it completely wrong not understanding mechanics and new connection system (trust me I got surprised as well during testing)

Dare to try if you haven’t yet ?

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Here it is an important thing I want to say. I think the "take off and clear to land " process, it is too complicated, In LEJ airports, When I have to handle the takeoff and landing of the plane, I can only handle two takeoffs, or two landings at a time, and it drives me crazy.

I wish I could just pick a slot and the plane would just sit there.

I really hope the developers can change the queuing system back to automatic take-off and landing.

Thank you so much for this update, I think it’s fun. Although there are a few things that drive me crazy


Some of the points have already been hit, but I wanted to add a few points:

(1) I miss the statistics for Pax handled. I’d love for each airport to have pax / planes / cargo handled, with awards for major milestones. But I do love the new contract system. Keeping a small plane around for a while actually has purpose now.

(2) I’ll skip this… its been covered.

(3) I love the switching between airports. Makes the gameplay way more interesting in longer play sessions. I also love the shorter play sessions at one airports. As Kuba said in the dev stream, it’s a much better toilet game than it used to be!

I have to disagree with every suggestion except for the last. More missions (not just levels) would be a terrific addition in a future update.


so, CJ, what do you think of clear to land and take off ? I think it is not convenient.

I don’t mind the micromanaging of the runways, and actually prefer it. While in 1.5 and before many single airports could really only be played using a bulk handling method, this appears solved in 2.0.

I also don’t really have a strong opinion as I’ve been exclusively going SXM & INN to get a taste of the mechanics. Once I get it figured out I’ll go back to other airports.

The runway micromanagement is my only complaint, maybe an extra “fee” like the ramp manager to autoland and depart planes. The extra seconds it takes to land planes reduces the number on the ground at once and makes big airports look sparse


I had small chat with Kuba and he said it can be in next update adressing some issues/bugs (handling crew or crews will be assignable to tower for takeoffs and landings).

What people miss is that they will have no influence on plane landing orders which is quite important not to fail timings.


After playing 2.0 a little bit: i played a lot over the last years, invested much time and also some real money which leaves me now with a senseless ( how to use a concorde or comet in a sensible/profitable way) and difficult to handle large fleet… This is annoying and fun-killing.
2.0 has a lot of cool stuff and ideas, but for me it is a total different game.


This new update has completely made entire game upside down. I am sorry but why not a button for auto landing a take off. I don’t want to handle landing take off of every aircraft. Should have a button.

The flight on runway is so slow that it looks like taxing rather than take off.

Leveling system so much complex that I don’t even get it. I sent out 25 flights and I am still on level 1. Second. Why was there no warning made for older players who has huge fleet. I transferred X type and regretted it immediately.