My thoughts after playing WOA 2.0 for 2 days

I don’t mind the micromanaging of the runways, and actually prefer it. While in 1.5 and before many single airports could really only be played using a bulk handling method, this appears solved in 2.0.

I also don’t really have a strong opinion as I’ve been exclusively going SXM & INN to get a taste of the mechanics. Once I get it figured out I’ll go back to other airports.

The runway micromanagement is my only complaint, maybe an extra “fee” like the ramp manager to autoland and depart planes. The extra seconds it takes to land planes reduces the number on the ground at once and makes big airports look sparse


I had small chat with Kuba and he said it can be in next update adressing some issues/bugs (handling crew or crews will be assignable to tower for takeoffs and landings).

What people miss is that they will have no influence on plane landing orders which is quite important not to fail timings.


After playing 2.0 a little bit: i played a lot over the last years, invested much time and also some real money which leaves me now with a senseless ( how to use a concorde or comet in a sensible/profitable way) and difficult to handle large fleet… This is annoying and fun-killing.
2.0 has a lot of cool stuff and ideas, but for me it is a total different game.


This new update has completely made entire game upside down. I am sorry but why not a button for auto landing a take off. I don’t want to handle landing take off of every aircraft. Should have a button.

The flight on runway is so slow that it looks like taxing rather than take off.

Leveling system so much complex that I don’t even get it. I sent out 25 flights and I am still on level 1. Second. Why was there no warning made for older players who has huge fleet. I transferred X type and regretted it immediately.


There was:

Nope there wast. That post is on blog. Does it anywhere in the all say to check blog post for more details. This should be in the game. Why would I go to forum when there was no update on the game for months on end.

I guess that comment is valid and its to developers not to us really. I feel ya thou - my advice / feedback was it will create group of unhappy people

Also beta testers didnt know till last minute what will be final pricing / exchange rate etc. None of us.

Thanks for noticing. I mean without automatic takeoff and landing, many planes are either in the air waiting to land or on the runway waiting to take off, causing many planes to be crowded together while the tarmac is empty. I am not sure you can get my point.


I had some small chat with Kuba 2 days back and he say they are plannig feature to be able to assign handling crew(s) to tower so landings and takeoffs are automatic.

When ? I dont know but seems it is possible.


Ive been playing WOA for a while now.

Its been a great game but this new update has its flaws and positves.


  1. I don’t like having to manually click everything which has been mentioned. Automated departure/landings should be a must or to be able to hire tower personnel permanently. Ground crew should automatically be done if assigned to a gate not every time.

  2. Takeoff / Landing sounds like the plane is doing 20kts and looks that way aswell.

  3. Having to purchase new ramp agents + contract slots is a complete waste of time. I think you defeat the purpose of the game and everything becomes a P2W game. It should be done for wollars if that was the case

  4. Economy without your own mass of planes it feels really dry, i feel the balance is really messed up.


  1. Atmospheric wise airports and graphics look a lot better.

  2. Animation wise the ground crew look great.

  3. I like the map and the round trip time

  4. I do like the contracts, i think it adds variety and the bonus of money + xp is a nice addition.

  5. UI looks miles better.

  6. Levelling system is good, I think thats a nice addition and generates WOA revenue if you was to get the pass.


In addition to my original post:

The first time I played 2.0 I was confused and frustrated like most of you here, but after playing SXM and replaying Innsbruck, everything became clear to me. First of all, the new contracts system. It took a while for me to figure it out but I finally did.

Remember the old system where S=1, M=2, L=3, and X=4? Well you can throw that out the window, in fact this new system is much better because if you played long enough, you’ll see that you actually gain exp and level up faster.

Every contract starts at 1 (indicated by the grey circle) and as you handle the same airplane over and over again, you can upgrade the contract. (contract level 2 will have 2 grey circles). Each time you complete service the airplane, the grey circle will turn either red (delayed) or green (on time). When you complete a contract for the first time, you’ll earn 1 exp and some silver planes. As you upgrade the contract and keep the satisfactory level in the green, you’ll earn as much as 9 exp just for a S-Tier airplane! The highest contract level I believe is 5.

I see ppl are complaining about how they have to spend money, gold or silver planes to buy stuff. As you level up the airport, you’ll get gold planes, new liveries, silver planes, contracts, and a whole lot more, also check out the marketplace from time to time and you’ll get free stuff too! Really short on crew members? Watch a short video and you’ll get 3 crews for free!

Oh and one more thing, when you start playing an airport that you have unlocked back in 1.5.5, don’t rush to transfer your contacts from the old version to the new, because that’ll mess up the gameplay if you know what I mean. Some ppl still think that if I transfer a X plane, I’ll get 4 exp right away which is wrong because this is the new system now.

Also, that 2D radar function is freaking amazing! I use that most of time when I’m playing, try it out and see for yourself!

I also saw ppl write about what happened to the special arrivals and how annoying it is to have to manually land, takeoff, and pushback airplanes. First, special arrivals are being replaced by EVENTS (yellow box next the airport when you select the airport).

Now let me tell you the beauty of the manual controls. Once you finish handling an airplane, it’s already off the clock and it won’t delay if you take a longer time to pushback, line up, or takeoff. Likewise, when you have selected a stand for the airplane, you can take your sweet time and decide when you want to land it. So relax and just slowly enjoy the game!

I think the devs did an awesome job implementing this feature, so kudos to that!

Alright, I think I’ve covered enough here, this is the longest post I’ve ever written lol if you guys have more questions, just PM me and I’ll respond, till then, have fun!


I agree with those who see 2.0 as an improvement, the new contract system isn’t my main concern. My largest issue with this update is that I will go to bed/live my life for a few hours, then all of a suddem come back to a horde of 30+ aircraft wanting to land. Will it be like this forever? Will they add a system/option for when you close the game it pauses aircraft mid-air until you come back?


I’ve heard this repeatedly, and I’m sorry, I cannot take this seriously. This game is not ruined because planes now land manually. It’s a minor inconvenience at worst, and only at big airports.

And besides, devs are working on a new feature to allow more control for players.

No, it’s realistic. Every landing speed I’ve seen so far is correct in real life, and I’ve seen the majority of types of aircraft land in real life. The devs are taking the game in a slightly more realistic direction and they’ve been completely upfront about it.

There was, multiple warnings in fact.

The concept is the same. You handle flights, you get experience towards a new level. The only thing that really changed is the rewards are amazing and the experience from each flight was slightly reduced.


After four days hiking through the Alps we finally had a hut with WiFi. You can guess that the first thing I did was to download the update. I like it as far as I had time to play, but I’m still a bit struggling with the contract system and the land/start process. I Just need to know what happens when you reached the highest level in an airport. Will it be set back and you will lose the progress or will it stay that way forever?


Hello again,

haven’t played WoA for a while and gave 2.0 a try. It’s a really cool update and I like it so far.

Something that I would love to see a change is the arrival system and timings. Since the legs of your plane are not in real time you have a really fast backlog of incoming planes when you made a break. It would be cool if your break would be an ingame break, too. Another option would be an extra button to filter out planes that need gates assigned from those that are landing or taxiing. It’s really difficult to keep an eye on planes that need handling while assigning gates for a bunch of planes.


I am affraid you cannot stop your traffic as its server controlled and not sure if you can freeze that (possibly no).

Filters yes I made those recommendations already during beta many times :slight_smile:


I have to sign previous comments that runways are still too slow in comparison to everything else. This is still taking a lot of joy and creates unnecessary jams

It’s not even realistic since planes are neither accelerating nor break like they do on real airports. Instead they go from slow speed to taxi speed and vice versa in WoA since the beginning.

If devs want to keep that speed they should slow down handling as well since now planes are too fast with handling and it’s useless to have more than 10 or 20 stands… they are empty anyway

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The Empty stands was worse in 1.0, and you had very little control over what happened. What I have been doing is bulk landing of one airline or my own and filling up the stands, bulk handling and then release.
May not work for you, but does for me

I have a tip for you, you just quit the game, after a while, log back into the game, you will find that the plane waiting to takeoff has left.

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