My unlucked planes aren’t not coming to my airport + suggestion to the BAe unlocking

I’m in BRI and there is only the B777 Alitalia to Prague and the A340 to Frankfurt arriving at my airport… I have 2 large gates and the B777 Alitalia to Nagoya and the B787 American Airlines to Washington won’t arrive when they should be, because they are unlocked. Please fixe this because I can’t get new aircraft from Washington/Nagoya if the unlucked ones aren’t coming.
Oh and just as a suggestion, after the new update, in BRI the BAe 146 isn’t that frequent, so I suggest that to unlock the BAe 146, you need to handle 75 BAe 146 on time, As well as the BAe 146 freighter version, because they are more frequent if you have the gates.

Im having the same Issues, but at Innsbruck where a few flights will not come to my airport from Brussels

Bae freighter doesn’t count to that achievement, inluck a Swiss, France and English destination in small, as those have all the bases you can get