My Washington planes are landing on the grass

My user is Unchallengedrush16. I see all my planes landing on the grass, and then going to the runway.

This is game breaking, it raises taxi time

I agree. Same thing is happening with me. Try to follow the aircraft as soon as it starts approach. It will never land when you are following. But if you shift out and follow again it would have landed

Has someone informed Developers about this. Itbtook me 2 hours to complete my aircrafts in IAD. This needs to be corrected ASAP.

How many planes do you have?

They already know about it

I have 10 ATR72, 10 BAE 146, 10 E190, 10 B757, 3 A350, 2 A380

My game crashed with 29 planes and you can handle 45??

I saw that game was slowing down with so many landing so I kept most of them in waiting until the queue was 8 in queue for landing. But still what I saw was not more than 5 reach gates and 3 are in taxi rest are landing. It never exceeds 5 at gate as due to planes landing in grass it takes them a lot of time to clear runway.
And yes crashing was issue due to which I never landed all my aircrafts together.

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Having the same problem

Captain speaking: Good day! We land somewhere…soon we will at the gate!

:joy: :joy:

I thought this was fixed?

Oh yes…I see now I still not take the last update from yesterday :joy::airplane::airplane::airplane:

I was gonna say “is it seriously BACK AAAAAA”

When was it fixed. I see that update of hot fix will roll in. But I don’t see it in my app updates. Any advice?

Your screwed.