My wishes to see in some updates

I know this game is called airports, but I am literally am addicted to this game. Love having the option to run the airport but also have my own airlines to manage too.

Here’s my wish list :slight_smile:

A) to see the Max and the A220 aircraft added
B) to be able to see your airline name on all of your fleet
C) to be able to have more design options for you airline
D) have a home base airport with your hanger ( see you plane taxi and park at Maintenance
E) be able to have one fleet that you bought be utilized from a home base but as well in all airports. Example have you 737 leave SAN and Land in IAD and manage it there. Especially if you purchased golden planes
F) to see more bad weather and such.
G) to be able to do joint alliances.
H) the money you have in all airports should be in one bank not multiple.
I) to see a couple Canadian Airport like YYC or YYZ or YVR or YUL
J) to see on ( not airside) cars and busses pull up and drive away from the airport.
K) having airport Mayday calls and emergency, and dispatch emergency vehicles to the scene.
L) and been able to decide and manipulate the dual runways.
M) to see LAX airport and been able to use the dual runways. For landing and take off.

Just my wishes haha and Ideas.


A) Both has been added to feedback
B) Has been added to feedback
C) Can be added but you have to give ideas
D) Hangers has been added to feedback and will be placed at airports only
E) Depending on tier and distance. Example- S- tier plane can’t go to IAD from PRG
F) Can be added
G) has been added to feedback
H) Can be added
I) 1 airport takes 4/5 months to make so give some time and there are airports close so also can’t be added
J) Animation can be added
K) We all have told for emergencies
L) Can be added but have to do more work for ourselves to assign which runway from which side
M) 1 airport very close to it (SAN)

Additional notes

E - has been discussed allowing to do this, but nothing expected for the time being.

F- i don’t think there will be too many more weather options, however we might get things like wet runways or snow covered runways in the future

H- premise of the game is that each airport stand alone, so this is unlikely to change even if requested.

I- given we have 2 airports in the US, 3 in Europe and 1 in Asia, the smart money is on South America Middle East or Australia first to ensure the world is covered first before providing more from existing continents. The feedback page currently lists 31 options. As @Rito says, they take a long time to code, so it will be a while either way

K- it would be fun to have minor emergencies or more to the point broken aircraft that have to return to the gate or a medical emergency that happen frequently, but i hope they avoid major emergencies because honestly they are so rare, it would kind of spoil the game if the setting was such that it was too frequent.
L- given the coding structure it’s likely that now that weather is in place the plan is to have alternative operations (I.e reverse runways if the weather requires it in real life) but I doubt for now we are going to have the ability to select. I maybe wrong, but this is how I feel it’s going to go.

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K. I think shill has already mentioned the devs have definitely vetoed any chance of major emergencies happening, they are (like us I guess) all aviation enthusiasts & there will be nothing happening where a plane might crash. Personally I’m not to keen on these mini game things, although fun at first they take to much time to finish & you end up rushing through all of the other aircraft to make sure they’re not in the red. Any flight where it had to come back & I’d have to go through the whole routine of dispatching it again would soon wear thin with me. Only my opinion though.

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these suggestions are amazing and the game developers should take this into consideration

I completely agree there, people suggesting plane crashes don’t seem to understand the idea of this game. Major emergencies, very rare so isn’t worth it but general issues such as an aircraft returning to stand or missing passengers works really well with the games concept.

That is actually possible, but extremely rare. You can handle one of your own aircraft at another airport, providing you are there at the right time and the game decides to send it to you.

Not in the same context as you might be proposing, but I thought it is worth mentioning.