Nagoya and washington

Personally, the Nagoya airport does not seem so good to me because it has very few spaces for x-planes, they could leave it but because of the third or fourth grade, the Washington airport is too good and big to be so low

You also have to handle 1million passengers though

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At Washington to get Nagoya

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My boy wait till you get to San diego


Yea with one runway… and high traffic is the arrival finder thingy faster at San Diego because it is for Washington and maybe some others (probably because high demand)

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Have got also 850k passengers rn

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Arrival spacing is determined by how many open stands you have. It moves faster at SAN because stands spend less time being assigned (short taxi distances make the overall turnaround time faster).

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The airports are in the order in which they were added to the game.

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Exactly, it’s a lot for such a small and boring airport.

For this reason, the airport is too small, the one in Washington is bigger, it can fit more planes, there are more seats.

Yes, but I think that for the next update, the order can be changed to make it better

Ok they say it is the best airport of the game

They lie. It’s the worst positioned airport in the game, it belongs before Prague

Oh makes sense

It should be less than 1million passengers to handle for that airport because it’s smaller and I get Washington 1million and I thought that it didn’t keep going up it just had a different number depending on like how big I guess

Why would that be better?

I don’t understand

yes, I think the same should be with fewer passengers the airport is very small for 1 million passengers

the truth is that I think it is better because there are too many passengers, that they put it before IAD. since IAD is bigger

Imo they should just add another unlock airport achievement. Currently all airports only unlock the next airport in the list. I think it would be much better to just add a second one for two reasons:

  1. Since airports are in order of when they came out some small airports can get in between bigger ones (e.g. SAN). This makes it much harder to unlock the next airport since the needed amount of passengers never decreases.
  2. It would motivate players to return to older airports instead of spending most of their time at the recently implemented airports to accumulate the needed passenger goals.
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