Nagoya suggestions

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I request help. I am starting Nagoya, currently have 3 S stands. And there are no guides on Nagoya. Can someone assist in how to proceed with starting out at this airport.

Every airport has the same handling process. Buying and upgrading handling vehicles, buying stands and getting more income. First you start with buying 1 or 2 more S-tier stands (you can buy all). Then you have to buy a larger handling process building so that all tier stands can be unlocked by you. Then buy 1/2 M-tier stands and start with as many L stands for the already unlocked terminal. When you unlocked the terminal facing the runway. Buy the L/X stands and continue like that. Buy more arrivals and stands. Don’t buy the terminal M-tier stands. Only buy M-tier stands for the terminal that had already been unlocked from the start. The stands which you go to by bus, which are not connected by gate bridges, make all those S/M-tier stands. Buy handling vehicles as you unlock gates.
Number of gates=Number of handling vehicles.
When you buy all handling vehicles, just focus on the gates and arrivals. You will get a sign when you don’t have enough arrivals. Its also better to buy 1 more arrival space where planes ask to land or you will get the longest queue. (I learned my lesson at IAD).
If you want some screen shots of what I have done.

Hmm. Wasted half an hour writing this.

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I’m not sure if the time was wasted when you help another player :+1:

I spent half of the time thinking.

First of all thank you so much for the above and spending so much time for writting it.
You have solved my 1 main confusion, buy more S stands or not.
One last question is in Nagoya I see most stands as dual types like S/M, M/L, L/X. What do you do in this situation. In IAD I segregated each type in different row never 2 types together. Do you buy all types per stand or chooses one type.

  1. Keep the started 6 S-tier stands and buy M-tier for the rest of them. If you have more S-tier stands then you will have a lot of stands empty because they don’t need even a minute to fill up. Buying M-tier is better because it takes some time and you get more revenue.

  2. Buy M-tier stands for the non-gate bridge ones and don’t buy M-tier stands which are with the gate bridges. Buy both L/X-tier for a stand but if you wish you can buy one tier. The problem with buying 1 tier is that, for example, if you have 2 L-tier stands and 4 X-tier stands separately then if you buy more L-tier arrivals then there will be a problem for lack of stands. So buying both would be a great idea but buy the larger tier first. You can get more revenue and for the other stands.

See, at IAD, I reccomend buying both, and Nagoya for that matter, cause if you don’t have enough let’s say x arrivals, then you have empty stands, where if you get both upgrades, you get more planes, and thus more money

Same with s and m stands

Can you tell us which terminal has cargo stands? Both in PRG and IAD I wasted money buying a terminal thinking I was getting more X stands but it was cargo only. (My strategy is to do X/Passenger stands only, worked great for me in IAD.)

All cargo stands are to the far left at PRG, IAD , and NGO

From the main view its left but from tower, its right corner.

Yes you are right

Thank you so much guys for your suggestion, really helped me kick start.

I went for original 3 S and 3 M next to it, and 1 L already. Now buying equipment so that I can open 2 more L stands. I have got the mentum now, most probably I will have a X stand by EOD tomorrow

Thanks for the info on cargo, I’ll stay away from that side. Unfortunately it looks like there are only 8 X pax stands available? I had all 20 in IAD and it was hectic but fun :slight_smile: Strange that NGO seems like a downgrade from IAD, does it feel like that to people with more experience in NGO?

San is even more of a downgrade

I’d like to see a camera on the observation deck on top of the terminal. Would make a brilliant view and allow a widespread view over the apron.

In terms of what I did with my NGO, I started with the small stands, and purchased advance handling and part of the terminal as early as I could and unlocked stand 1 as M, I then slowly opened more M stands along that pier and an L stand. Then went back and upgraded them as I purchased more stands across the airport. This was when NGO was initially released and prior to the introduction of multiple tier stands. I personally find NGO one of the best airports in game. You get a lot of many and it has a lot of stands. Plenty of airline variety as well!

In terms of cargo, I started with stand 601 for X (no L cargo at the time) and slowly developed the cargo terminal as and when I had the sufficient funds.

I go for big planes instantly. When I was starting at IAD, I had a huge plan of making 33,000 W to buy just 1 X-tier stand with 3 S-tier, 1 M-tier and 2 L-tier stands and it took me a few days. 15,000 W for terminal, 9,500 W for handling vehicles (I counted 10,000) and more 8,000 for the stand. I plan and then build it. Same done at NGO.

Exactly the same here, Rito :slight_smile: But at NGO I’m filling out more of the L stands since there are only a few X stands. Currently at 3S, 4L, 6X. Did you also hit the bug where you get all your M special arrivals in a row with no stands to land then on?

Yes most of the stands are L and need to fill it out with that one. But since the cargolux event I didn’t play NGO as I don’t have any X-tier cargo stands and I want to have a fleet but cannot buy the golden planes so I had to do some GP farming to get some gold planes to buy a 787 (as that is my target now), I figured out that PRG is the best option because INN and BRI don’t have enough M-tier stands. IAD is good but if you go though the queue problem that I had, you have to buy 4 planes to get rid of that. So, I thought that PRG is the best option and I already had a connection there.

Thank you for all the info. I just started NGO as well and have 3 stands only. Sorry to hear there are few X stands though.