Need Advice

Hi All,

I need advice on my new fleet. My current fleet looks like

S Type: B462, AT76
M Type: B757, A319, E190
L Type: A350
X Type: A388
L Cargo: B777F

I thinking of replacing AT76 and E190 when they reach end of life and A350 as well. Also I want to add M type Cargo as well. Can you guys suggest higher profit aircrafts in each section S, M, L and M Cargo.

For M cargo I use the B752F and B734F and then fly very short routes with just 100 or 200 NM. And the planes are back in one hour and you can send them again.


E190 is literally the best S aircraft that taking a M stand. If you are running airport with massive M stand, then use E190 instead of other S aircraft. Otherwise, stay with E175 or CRJ (cheap alternative).

Since Woa is not a real world sim, then M fleet can stick with any aircraft you like. Just notice that A319n 's price does not make sense currently, you might want to wait for the developer to fix that.

M cargo is B734F or 757F. Older the better lol.

A350 is a good L aircraft, alternative can be 777 or 787 (cheaper).

Again, you dont go bankrupt in game, and this game is missing many elements for a balance sheet in depth in the current version, at least we dont have a clear specification of aircraft in game.

So just choose aircraft you like to build the fleet and have fun.

EDIT: I did some of my own analysis based on the original source (which was the Jochen Koop dataset, if you’ve seen that around). I’ve updated my post accordingly, in italics.

S planes are only worthwhile for connections or for INN, the one airport where stands are at a premium and turnaround time is more important that profit-per-landing. Everywhere else they’re taking up valuable space in your arrival queue.

That said, AT76 has the best return-on-investment of any S aircraft (well actually AT75F but why spend the SP?). B462 has the best ROI when adjusted for maintenance and lifespan. But if you’re trying to maximize your profit-per-landing stick with the B462 (E175 is better for the connections because of faster airspeed and handling time, and is also slightly cheaper to buy and refuel, but I think has lower overall profit because it carries fewer passengers). SF34 earns silver planes fastest.

For M pax, B734 A319 has best ROI, B757 best PPL, E190 for SP. For cargo, go with AN12 – most profitable plane B734F has the best ROI in the game. B752F is not far behind and has the best PPL - at short distances, better than many L pax.

For L, the A343 and B787 are very competitive for ROI. A343 has better PPL, B787 very slightly better ROI and faster airspeed. For a big airport like IAD where you never run out of L stands, A350 probably earns better PPL (maybe B777 but I haven’t run the numbers). B777 has the best PPL in the L tier, followed by A350, A346, A343, B787. For SP, the AN22 reaches Maintenance D fastest, but this plane is a money pit. The A306, its freighter cousins A306F and A30BF, and the C17 all get you to D almost as fast and earn much more money along the way.