Need information

The Concorde isn’t the best example for what you want to express. Before the game started to go online they started a fundraising on indiegogo. Only the people who have given money on THIS site were able to get a Concorde.
To avoid having hundreds or thousands of them flying around after they’ve given them free for all, they made them so expensive.
Even I, who plays a bit longer, don’t have the gold planes resp. the money to get one (if I would is another matter).

He won’t be the first and surely not last. The decisions the devs made, have almost never been taken back.
If I were one of them I wouldn’t too.

Guys, to be honest. Owning the Concorde is pain! It is not earning a much money and maintenance costs are astronomical. For occasional players it is not even possible to earn enough money to cover its needs. I am on thin ice with my money on NGO where I own three Concordes.


I agree, she loses a lot of money & requires the rest of the fleet to prop her up, which is difficult as the heavies have trouble paying for themselves. But it’s a lovely looking airplane & worth the effort imo. Mind you I don’t know how you cover the costs of 3 at NGO :grinning: