New A350 airline liveries in the future?

There are quite a number of airlines that don’t have the A350 in their fleet but currently have orders for them to receive within the next couple years. Big name airlines such as Qantas, emirates, Swiss, Eva air, Egypt air and United airlines are set to receive their a350s in the near future. You guys think we would see the livery for these airlines for the aircraft in the game once the first plane for each airline goes into service for before it goes into service? Kinda like how Air India just received their first a350 and that livery was just revealed today.


i think we should see iberia 744 before all those a350s (except qantas and emirates cuz i want them)

Yea i guess they will be added after they are delivered.

hawaiian 787:

Also Air India 787-9:

Generally speaking, they are usually waiting until they are already delivered or close to it. For example, United isn’t getting their A350s until 2030 at the earliest, so don’t expect them in game anytime soon.

Hawaiian 789 was an exception because things were different pre 2.0

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