New Aircraft Types - M

Use this thread for aircraft types in the M category that are not in the game. This category is for the size of aircraft like 737, 320 etc.

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hi guys! i had a question! who would love to have the fokker 100 in game, and which liveries should it have?

Honestly wouldn’t mind but as a later model. Focus on updating the ones that need updating and adding the more necessary ones that are missing

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can’t agree more, the fokker would be nice as an S plane

I’d like see aircraft like the F100, especially airlines like Helvetic and Jetairfly. Something different for the M category, especially as it’s a T tail airliner

yeah! i would love to see it in game! especially with the old reverse thrust

The Fokker 100 liverys would like to see are KLM,Carpatair and Helvetic Airlines

yes! as a fan of KLM, i think that would be a good idea

I’m a big fan of the F100 so I’d definitely love to see it in the game. But as DHC8 said I’d rather have the devs focus on remodeling current planes and adding popular planes which are still missing (e.g. B767, rest of the A320 family, etc).


Not just the F100 but also Fokker 50 and Fokker 70.


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I’m pretty sure a321 is being added with a320 remodel

It sounds like whole family

no there is still no a318 :joy:
a318 probably not going to get added for a rlly long time anyways since there was such few operators

I mean they have hinted at whole family a bunch in the past

I also like the F100 and I’m flown 64 times in it. I would love to see it in Austrian Airlines livery.

And I like the idea of a A318 :slight_smile:

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very good! F100 would be great in-game since the handling wouldn’t take that long as the F100 has like 100 seats, I think it would be classified either as an S or M.

64 times on the F100 is wild. Unless you live in Australia, barely anyone operates it anymore.
The a318 thing was just meant to be a joke but if they add it in the near future I will actually be surprised.

New aircraft idea: Boeing 757-300,

seats: 275 with 26 Business class seats option



I would assume this will come with the 757 rework

Passenger 757 rework* for some reason they have yet to do it even though the 752F was released with LEJ

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