New Airline Liveries and Aircraft - Europe

Maybe they will add it when the 737 is remodeled. I suggest you send that suggestion to the email of the same developers. They have granted me several requests


I thought that email was only for bug reports?

Can also be used for general enquiries, but not for spamming that you want this or that.

But I also think that now is not the time to ask for B737 livery. You shouldn’t waste their time with that. b737 will still take some time (maybe years)


You can send them the suggestions you want in a respectful manner of course, I sent them several suggestions and they were accepted Like the bugs I reported that they fixed and some airlines that are already in the game they are kind to us, do it with confidence.

bro you got to always check the contracts before you add somethin’ kay

Let me add one to this list


BA better world livery speical livery event for LHR INN BRI PRG LEJ

  1. Lufthansa City Airlines

  1. Munich (MUC)
  3. Yes!
    Lufthansa City Airlines starts with Service
    in Summer 2024
  4. A319-100, A320neo,
    (A220-300 Delivery date from 2026)
    source: Wikipedia
  5. more Lufthansa
    You want more Information about this airline?
    Visit Home - Lufthansa City Airlines

Ryanair (Corporate)

Dublin, London Stansted
A very special aircraft in the Ryanair fleet (now moved to Buzz) this 737-700 is used for very large groups (Tour operator or Football teams) and if no in use are usually used for crew training.


why only munich? maybe frankfurt or hambreg aswell?

767 would still be medium. Keep in mind size in based on wingspan primarily

And also INN can handle 767

The Boeing 767 is a heavy wide-body aircraft so it is size L in-game.

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And who told you that?
we cant be 100% until someone comfirms since

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The 767 was always shown as an L plane on the feedback portal when that was a thing. Categories are also based on wingspan, so it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be an L plane. The 767 has a wingspan of (roughly) 48m, so it’s already 10m bigger than the 757-200.

Whilst 767s can fly to INN, because of the way the games categorisation of aircraft and stands works, I can’t see them being available at INN unless some kind of restriction for anything bigger than a 767 is implemented.


Except that with the arrival of the 767 at some point in the game the developers convert the Stands to L into INN because as they say they can reach INN maybe that will happen or maybe not but we will see

Doubt that will happen. There isn’t any space to make any stands larger, with the possible exception of turning stand 101 into an M stand and moving it slightly to be placed closer to stand 111. I’d say the closest that we’ll see to 767s at INN will be the 757.


I’d like to point out that IRL even 757s are treated as large aircraft on account of their length and nearly large wingspan. The 752 can barely fit the length of the M stands in the game. The 753 will have to be L if they don’t want clipping and incursions. I’d say the B767 will for sure be L


I have to agree I mean I sawed a INN plane spotting vid & a 767 poped up so I’m going to have to agree with @Pizza_711

I leave you a YouTube link that corroborates that a 767 can land in INN so go, it would not be unreasonable to think that it will not happen in a future addition of the 767 to the game