New Airline Liveries and Aircraft - Oceania (Australasia)

Please use this thread for New Airline Liveries and Aircraft for the Oceania (Australasia) Continent

Information required:

  1. Airline name
  2. Screenshot of aircraft with livery
  3. Base(s)
  4. Which WOA airport (s) will be served by this airline
  5. Is this airline currently flying?
  6. Aircraft types used (please focus on current aircraft types in the game or in development (A220 for example)
  7. Why you think this airline should be in the game
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Fijl airways
Nagoya, San Diego, Mct
A330, A350


Australlian low - cost airline
Jet star
fleet: B787-8/ A330-200(former)
spawn: All airports(but not in Innsburg)
base:BNE SYD
why should be in a game: there is no airline with grey livrey in a game. It will be an Australlian low cost airline.
It is currently flying now