New airplane models to fit in with irl airline fleets

For this suggestion, i think they should add more aircraft to fit in with irl fleets for airlines. Ex. Ryanair uses the 737 and not the 738 as it is ingame. It would be nice to have a more variety and it can be quite a simple task as the majority of the fleets in most airliners have already similiar models as ingame.

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Good suggestion, however Ryanair does not operate any 737-700s, only 737-800s, so the game is correct. But it would be nice to have the different variants like A319/A321, and B737/B739

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The thing is that a A319 and A320 is different in a lot of things like capacity, range, and stuff. It would be hard to include every variation in the game. (I personally thought it would be cool to have those variations, although as a 3d model only. The stat should be the same with it’s base plane. That would be easier compared to making realistic stats)

I think the variants will come in time. Devs have a roadmap. I think there are plenty of whole model fleets missing right now that need to come first,
330, 220, md11, 767,757, md90, 717, a300, a310

The list goes on. Then you start filling in the rest with the variants.
The game should be as accurate as possible, but let’s remember it’s not even a year old yet and There’s still a lot to build out as can be seen from the feedback pages.

Don’t get me wrong, I support the idea, just not yet.


When it comes from an aircraft type having multiple variations, the 737 In game shows up as the B738 (737-800) whereas other aircraft types, such as the 747 are just B747 (When it is the 747-8/B748), so it could well be something for the future.

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Just realized the 8 means the 800 series of a 737, my bad