New Airport research

Nice to see a total number counted and what a hard work.

There are more stands potentially available in the east of Terminal 3 south pier (I suspect for private jets IRL but I am unsure if they can be S only stands, which may be ideal for the humble start at DEL), and in the northeast of Terminal 2 (12 Ms I suggest from satellite images, which is teased by devs at the earliest point).

For cargo terminal there should be another 12 stands. And for existing T1 I see 33 Ms(unsure, simply from satellite images correct me if I am wrong). I am not pretty sure what will happen when the Terminal 1 project is fully completed.

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Hey you are right
I have mentioned that there are 12 Cargo stands as well as the number of stands in T1 after completion in previous posts in the same thread. You might want to check that out!!
And about the private jets thing you mentioned I am not sure about that.

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I see. I think your number of T1 will be the official one.

This area locates here in DEL.

I personally think the left ones should be the similar size of S aircraft and there are 7 in total if I didn’t count it wrong.

For other stands in this area, I am not pretty sure but I don’t feel there are adequate spaces for S aircraft in the right. For the middle ones I cannot confirm visually due to very complicated marking on the ground.



will they add the new terminal 1? I know it hasn’t opened yet but it probably will have by the time the update drops.


I mean they did consider the under construction part when they developed MCT airport. So I think they should include this too🤷‍♂️