New airport: Venice Marco Polo airport VCE

I got a new airport suggestion. It is Venice airport.
This airport (kinda) does suits the game pretty good, but here are some things to note tho.

  • This airport supports S M L X
  • It has gate terminal for M L X*
  • There is only one X gate, and that is gate 17.
  • there are 2 runways.
  • Stands 361-367 seems to support S and M passanger and cargo.
  • Stands 432- 440 seems to support S and M
  • Stands 547 - 551 seems to support only S
  • Stands 323 and 324 seems to support L
  • Note that I can’t figure out which stands are just for cargo or passanger
  • This airport can be between Bari/Prague
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