New airports pleaseee

It would be cool to have LEMD, GCLP or LEZL they are very nice airports and it would be very interesting to have them on the game

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An airport I’d like to see is PDX. It has 2 active runways. It also has a third runway for when the south winds are particularly strong. It also has an Air National Guard base flying F-15s. I think that would make for an exciting feature to be able to integrate control of the ANG squadron into the game. Just a thought on my part. Thank you for reading.

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Asking for new airports less than 1 day after new one is released is a little bit over the edge right ?

Now focus switch to other things - new airport not earlier than 4 months from now.

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Well it happens I’m new on the forum so I don’t know when was supposed to come out a new airport… anyway we are here to express our ideas and recommendations not to keep it to ourselfs.

no worries, its most complexed addition to the game needs lots of time.

When can we have a new airport please? I’ve been playing since Christmas and nothing new has come up. Would be nice to have one of the top airports like LHR, CDG, SIN, etc so that all types of a/c and flights are widely available.

There is one on the way, SXM. Remember, it is quite a small team so creating airports can take many months to complete, especially since they try to make their airports as realistic as possible.